Geri Randles, LMT

Bodywork Therapies

The Welcome Evaluation Set

120 minutes: $200.00

Welcome!  Thank you for visiting.  With much grace I invite you to give yourself a very personal, yet practical introduction to me, Geri Randles, LMT

and my very special work of BodyMind Therapeutics.  

Allow yourself to experience first hand an exceptional Bodywork & Complementary Care session that is designed with your concerns, needs and desired outcome in mind.  You will be under the care of one of most experienced Certified Oncology Massage Therapists in the country.  

Each session is tailored to bring your body comfort, to put your mind at greater ease, while connecting to your sense of spirit and well-being.  We accomplish this through evidenced based touch that has been shown to decrease anxiety, fatigue, nausea and/or pain in clinical and private practice settings.  Bottom line, clients and patients feel so much better after this type of comfort oriented touch and massage therapy.  

Give yourself an opportunity to really talk with Geri, get a Full Intake Assessment and Evaluation, and full 65 minute comfort-oriented massage session.

 Afterwards, within 48 hours, you will have an opportunity to speak with Geri again, in detail, about the benefits you experienced from the session.  

This is a unique opportunity to experience an extraordinary bodywork therapy session personalized especially for you during such a challenging time.  You deserve the very best care for yourself.  Call Geri today. 

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The Transformation Package

15 hours: $1495

Designed to renew your connection with yourself and your body, to ease your mind, comfort your body, and restore your spirit, this series of Bodywork & Complementary Care sessions will help move you from diagnosis through treatment to gain a better state of tranquil transformation regardless of your prognosis or state of remission.  Diagnosis can often bring about fear and anxiety increasing distress in our mind and body.  Each session endeavors to address these symptoms and side-effects  to decrease the anxiety, fatigue, nausea, and pain while simultaneously increasing and strengthening your sense of well being. 

So ask yourself...

Do you have a strong desire or financial need to continue your work while undergoing treatment?  

To maintain your level of activity, interests, hobbies?  

Is there an interest in increasing your level of exercise or to practice meditation/contemplation?   

Are you wanting to take a leap of action you avoided in the past?

These Bodywork sessions are comfort oriented, utilizing many learned techniques and modalities that are designed to reduce anxiety, pain and fatigue and nausea.  They are designed to reconnect you to the better side of yourself.  As the session progresses your stress hormones decrease enabling your minds' sense of ease and well-being to increase.  When this happens we feel a bit more more energized and, often, are able to accomplish just such cherished activities and desires.

The package includes:

9 ~ 60 minute Bodywork & Complementary Care Sessions  (one each week for 6 consecutive weeks, 3 sessions to be every other week if desired) 

5 ~ 30 Minute Follow-Up phone calls after sessions 1, 3, 5, 7 & 9. 

4 ~ Guided Restorative Meditation Sessions (2 in-person, 2 via phone)

Recommendations for Self-Care Best Practices ~ Movement/Stretching, Aromatherapy, Flower Remedies, Relaxation/Restoration, Mediation/Contemplation 

I invite you to welcome this investment in yourself.  You will be glad you did. 

Contact Geri directly (503)781-9635 (phone or text)  for details and to answer any questions and concerns you may have.

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Cancer Care BodyMind 1st Session

2 hours: $200.00

In depth consultation with extensive review of your medical history plus your first full session especially designed with your concerns and needs in mind to support your body and mind  and spirit into and through its own healing process.

We will address your specific pain issues as well as any additional concerns with any side-effects from the illness and/or treatment protocols.  When this approach is taken, it often, inherently, begins to address the stress and anxiety that oftentimes accompanies such a diagnosis and the treatments that follow.  

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Cancer Care BodyMind

1 hour: $100.00

Designed as supportive care for those undergoing treatment for cancer and for those into the recovery stages.  Session may include warm stones, ayurvedic oils,  acupressure catered to your specific needs designed to address any symptoms and side-effects directly from the illness and the treatment protocols.

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JIN SHIN Acupressure

60 minutes: $100

Eastern-based bodywork aims to restore and balance the flow of energy (Chi) throughout your body. It uses gentle hand and finger pressure along specific points and energy pathways (meridians) on your body to trigger your body's natural and normal healing mechanisms. There are many forms of Eastern practices,  sharing  a common foundation in Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Practices of India.  

Geri's practice of Acupressure is based upon her trainings from The Acupressure Institute (Berkeley, CA), Mary Burmeister's JIN SHIN Jyutsu, and Marsaa Teagarden's, JIN SHIN DO.  A practitioner of the Art of Jin Shin Acupressure, Geri has developed a unique skill of LISTENING with HER HANDS.  

Walk away feeling fully restored of body and mind, and your spirit will smile!

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60 minutes: $100
20 minutes: $50

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy work that facilitates the body's natural homeostasis.  As a result, the body's natural self-healing mechanisms strengthen, helping to establish optimum health.  We practice Reiki with a gentle laying on of hands to the head, face, torso of the front and back body.  It is an especially restful, restorative and energizing session.  Clients have spoken of many benefits from each session that have included substabtial decreases with their anxiety levels, fatigue, depression and, sometimes, even, pain.

REIKI (Distance) via phone   20 minutes  $50.00 

The practice of Reiki,  allows for Distance REIKI.  The prep for each distance Reiki session will be completed via email.  Call, text or email for specific details. Geri is glad to talk you through the process at no charge.  

This is especially rewarding session that can be used to prepare for meetings, Dr. Appointments, serious conversations, and even for athletic events and activities.  


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BodyMind for MVC

per 15 minutes: $25

This is a service that addresses the pain and injury sustained from motor vehicle collisions especially for people who have previously diagnosed serious illness, such as CancerChronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), also referred to as myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), Fibromyalgia, Heart Disease (CAD), Multiple Sclerosis, Cystic Fibrosis and others.   My extensive background in a clinical setting, both inpatient and outpatient, as well as in private practice has given me a unique perspective to better facilitate your specific treatment requirements.  Maximum time limit for each session is 60 minutes for a total billing cost of $100.00  

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BodyMind Therapeutics

60 hours: $100.00
90 minutes: $150.00
30 minutes: $50

A Rehabilitative & Restorative Massage and bodywork session designed especially for people seeking supportive work while recovering from serious injury, extensive hospital stay, serious medical illness.  Each session is tailored to the symptoms, side-effects and current limitations.  The goal is to assist your body into and with its own healing process.  

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Acupoint Aromatherpy

30 minutes: $50.00
add-0n minutes: $25.00

Beautiful, restorative aromatherapy combined with precise acupressure protocols to facilitate your inner healing.  This is an ideal practice to address physical symptoms of illness, especially the side-effects of cancer treatments, and treatments for many chronic illnesses.  It is also ideal for reducing stress and anxiety from life's daily challenges.  

Acupoint Aromatherapy can be added to any bodywork/massage session for an additional charge of $25.00.


This service is not covered by Insurance. Payment is due at time of service.  

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30 minutes: $50

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20 minutes: O


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60 minutes: $120


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