Geri Randles, LMT

Meet Geri

A devoted practitioner, Geri has an established private practice specializing in serving the massage and bodywork therapy needs of those clients with serious medical considerations.  

This is a practice devoted to serving people who have been diagnosed with cancer and are moving through each stage of treatment or none.  Individualized sessions are based upon meeting each client where they are today.  Every person is assessed individually with great care to review medical history (including treatments, current and past medications, and their side-effects), in order to provide an exceptionally soothing, comfort oriented therapeutic session.  

In order to best serve this clientele Geri has embarked upon extensive training and experience in hospital, clinic, and private settings. Geri successfully completed the Certification Program at the Peregrine Institute of Oncology Massage Training, an intensive 300 hour program, receiving her Diploma in November 2011.  She has more than 12 years experience with inpatient clinical settings including a position at OHSU's Knight Cancer Institute's Acute Care as the Massage Team Senior Advisor and Senior Instructor for the Oncology Massage Therapy Program.    In addition, with more than 3 years’ experience with inpatient hospice at Legacy Hopewell House administering palliative touch therapy she continues to offer special protocols for enhancing an increased sense of well-being especially at end of life. Further,  Geri is an accomplished teacher of Meditation and Contemplation.  A practitioner for more than 30 years, Geri has received several transmissions to teach guided meditations to others embarking on this path.  

Geri has developed and utilizes an aromatherapy protocol designed to further support and raise the quality of life for people undergoing debilitating medical treatments as well as for people suffering from chronic illness and pain.  It is a protocol deeply inspired by the Eastern Practices in Oncology Massage by Dr. Sandy Canzone of Santa Fe New Mexico and Acupoint Aroma Therapy (a beautiful blend of essential oil aromatherapy with acupuncture points to enhance greater well-being) developed by Peter Holmes and Tiffany Carole.  Geri has also undertaken advanced studies in Nutrition (especially nutritional guidelines and recommendations for cancer care), having completed a certification as a Health and Wellness Coach with an emphasis for clients living with cancer and other chronic illnesses.  

Geri is also an engaging, inspirational speaker, trainer and mentor, with a desire to inform and uplift audiences. She has  passion for her work and the success her clients, patients, students and colleagues.

When she is not busy giving massage or studying, she loves to beach comb, holds passionate interests in literature, music, and dance.  Geri lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband, Gary and her Airedale, Ginger!

Geri's private practice has open clinic hours Tuesday through Friday.  Geri is currently accepting new clients.