Geri Randles, LMT

Oncology Massage Education & Training

Oncology Massage Education and Trainings

Classes 2024



You are invited to experience the science and art of of serving a very special

clientele and how the work we do truly affects positive outcomes. 


Oncology Massage:  The Foundation Class   32 CE Hours

 This is the introductory class designed to take you from learning the basics of what cancer is, how it manifests itself and moves through the body through the gold standard treatments: Chemotherapy, Surgery, Radiation, Immunotherapy and newer targeted therapies.  All of these treatments have profound effects upon the body, many positive and many not so.  This weekend training will give you a strong sense of how best to approach and serve this very special population.  You will finish this class knowing you will not only be able to keep your clients safe, but you will be able to address the major symptoms, to bring about relief from the severity of those symptoms while oftentimes increasing a sense of well-being.  The Art of Boundaries, Intake, and Self-Care topics will be covered as well. Prerequisites:  LMT  with 1 year experience or at the permission of the Instructor.   Current Massage Students must be in their 4th full-time term for consideration.  


March 29-31, 2024                St. Luke's Hospital        Boise, ID     32 hour CE     $625.00    





The Hospital Class:  Inpatient Training in Oncology Massage   45 CE  

An introduction to Hospital-based Oncology Massage.  Practitioners will have the opportunity to work the inpatient Oncology Floors, Chemo-infusion units and to visit the Radiation Oncology Center.  This is an intensive, 5 full days and 1 half day of learning and hands-on massage sessions in the hospital and infusion clinics.  You will apply your foundational practices to the hospital setting and learn when and how to use the  pressure scale and the energy work introduced in the previous trainings. You will work closely with the current Oncology Massage Therapists at the Knight Cancer Institute.  Prerequisites:  LMT, minimum 1 year practice as an LMT, and  the Oncology Massage 24 or 30 hour Foundational class (Providers accepted include: Gayle MacDonald and any OMEA instructor form the past 5 years, Healwell, Beaumont Hospitals, Greet The Day, Tracy Walton & Associates or any S4OM approved Foundational Course).  There will be no exceptions to the prerequisites. 


February 4-9, 2024      45 CE Hour Hospital Intensive

OHSU Knight Cancer Institute   Portland Oregon




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Presence, Vulnerability and Boundaries: 

Cultivating Compassion in Massage and Bodywork  

6 CE hours  $195.00


Laying the groundwork for an active practice in oncology massage, working with people who are dying, or who are grappling with serious medical concerns calls for practitioners to develop a skillset not normally taught in the massage school or CE curriculum.  

This workshop is an introduction to the foundational scope of the how-to. Developing and maintaining presence and compassion in our work with clients, patients and colleagues can sometimes be challenging with so much information demanding our attention all the time. Through the use of powerful practices and techniques, Geri will take you through:

What we mean when we ask that we, as massage therapists,



How do we "Hold the space sacred?"  

Is there a difference between, fixing an ache and serving the patient/client? 

Where does our compassion originate?  

When is our own vulnerability an asset? A hindrance?


These and other questions will be addressed through actual stories, discussion, exercises, hands on work, reflection and meditation.  Come join Geri as she takes you through her daily routine and hands-on practices she uses with clients facing difficult and trying medical and physical challenges.

Attendees of this session will receive 6 Contact CE Hours which meet the OBMT requirement in Ethics, Communication, and Boundaries for license renewal.

Saturday, January 27, 2024               Peace Meditation             SW Portland, OR 




NOTE:  Please contact Geri directly at 503.781.9635 or send an email to or for more information or sign up for classes 


Registration for classes at East West College will be through their website Call if you are unable to do so.