Geri Randles, LMT




"At the beginning of my cancer diagnosis, Geri was a shining light in my darkness. She came to my room throughout treatment to bring healing to my body and joy to my spirit. Her thoughtfulness, sensitivity and skill helped me significantly! I simply cannot express the gratitude I have for Geri during one of the most challenging trials in my life."

Dayle Halverson,
Portland, Oregon - April 2, 2013   

Update:  June 2019.  Dayle has an active life with her husband and teenagers! 



         "As a nurse myself, I was determined to give myself every opportunity to overcome my diagnosis of Stage IIc, Breast    Cancer.  Geri really is the very best,  she took great care to talk with me several times over the phone before we met.  She made me feel so very welcome and took extremely good care of me and my spirit.  She helped me regain a sense of greater expansiveness that has allowed me to take on a a new life and lifestyle I had never considered.  Not only was I able to continue working throughout my diagnosis and treatment, I also took to the farming life with my husband, my son and my daughter-in-law.  Thank you so much, Geri for the many gifts you have given me!"

LaVonne B.  July 2015

Update January 2022:  Lavonne owns and works a farm with her husband, son and  daughter in law for 7 years now!




"What can I say...I was in the Navy, ready to undergo Seal Training, while a medical check up revealed a mass in or near my pancreas. Additional tests revealed in was likely a malignant tumor.  Preliminary diagnosis, Pancreatic Cancer.  I was medically discharged from the Navy and I was emotionally devastated.  It was November 2014.  I was 23.   Born and raised in Oregon, my parents were desperate to have me treated at home.  OHSU took me in (the Navy was paying for my care) and Dr. Brett Sheppard operated.  The prognosis was still not great and was to undergo much chemotherapy-not looking forward to that at all.  But a few days after surgery, Geri walked into my room, asked me if I wanted to receive "a bit of massage."  I was so morose and in such a dark place. I wanted to say no, but my Dad, said "What a great idea!"  Geri was pure was a very special experience.  Mostly because I actually started to relax.  She never pried or tried to change me like everyone else.   She asked me If I wanted additional sessions...My dad returned to the room just then and asked Geri if she would come daily and he would pay her for longer sessions.  Geri came every day for the next 6 days.  I told her everything, she listened.  But she said something to me that released my darkened soul, she said, " I am so very sorry."  Nothing else, except that she held her eyes directly into mine.  It was so real and honest.   I looked forward to her sessions.  I had to stay in Portland for the first 12 rounds of chemo.  I saw Geri once a week the day before my sessions.  I swear, she was magic...She really encouraged me with her sense of self and her practiced hands. What I mean by that, is that she is accomplished, and it inspired me to find my way in the world.  I was lucky, I mean I am lucky.  I am still cancer free to this day.  The following November I was accepted into Officer Training to be  a State Police Officer.  I am now a  State Trooper.  There are a whole host of people whose medical care was integral to my recovery.  But my HEALING, that belongs to Geri.  

Bill P.  March 6, 2016

Update:  Bill continues his police work and remains cancer free as of December 2021!